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  Shangqiu eastern boiler manufacturing co., LTD,Was built in1995Years,The company is located in the eastern henan shangqiu beihai road15Number,Is a company dedicated to shangqiu boiler,Eastern boiler steam boiler、Research and development of pressure vessel,Shangqiu eastern boiler technology research and development as the core,Set design、Manufacturing、Sales、The installation、Reforming maintenance in a body of boiler pressure vessel integrated service enterprises。HoldAAnd the level of boiler manufacturing license2Boiler installation、Maintenance license,At the same timeD1D2And class pressure vessel designA2Class pressure vessel manufacturing license and qualified to confirm the certificate,And passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。Year after year won the award for the high quality enterprise。Shangqiu eastern boiler inspected our company welcome personnel from all walks of life。

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Contact address:Shangqiu eastern boiler manufacturing co., LTD
National sales hotline:18438375188
Sales manager:Liu


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